The Pajama Mama Has Moved!

10 May

Due to the completely surprising and overwhelming success of my blog since I started it, I’ve decided to move it. The new home of The Pajama Mama is Please spread the word and update your bookmarks. See you over there!



My First Mothers Day

9 May

My first Mothers Day was important to me. It was a day I hoped to celebrate for a long time, and finally it was here. And I’m a mom. And I work HARD. And I deserve a little recognition.

The morning started off great. I got to sleep in – even though sleeping in for me means keeping one ear open to always be on high alert for the baby to cry and waking up every 2 hours to feed him. Still, I got more rest than I normally would, and that alone was gift enough. When I came out into the kitchen, I saw two cards: one with my name on it and one with “Mommy.” Man, I can’t tell you the thrill to see it, right there in writing, that I am a real live, bona fide Mommy. The cards were touching and sweet, and PT made it obvious how much he appreciates all I do for our little family.

In addition to those nice cards, my guys also got me some stuff to help me pamper and relax. They got me some Mango-scented bath stuff (Mango – get it? GET IT??) and Tina Fey’s book. I can’t wait to add that to the stack of books I’m in the middle of reading!

We decided to go to a Mexican restaurant and bakery that bears my son’s name for breakfast…and so did our whole town. Plan B was to just head down to a street festival and get some festival food, which we did. However, walking around with a baby in 97 degree heat is not my idea of fun, so I had to plead my case that “this day is supposed to be about me, and I’m not having fun. I’m too stressed out about if he is ok or not.” We got home, I did some diaper laundry, and got one hell of an awesome nap.

Later, I got a shower (something that generally happens far less frequently than it should for someone who has so many bodily fluids covering her at any given time). After getting scrubbed up and scented like mangoes, I was able to have some one-on-one play time with my baby while PT cooked dinner. He even took on most of the bedtime duties so that I could watch TV.

All in all, I’d have to say that my day was pretty great. Though I spent some time doing laundry and stressing about my kid, I got to relax in my pajamas, wash my hair, feel like a woman a little bit, and hang out with my family. Most importantly, I definitely got to see how much I mean to my family. I know that my husband appreciates everything I do for him and Mango, and I also realize how much a day like this can recharge my batteries. After all, the better I feel, the better a wife and Mama I can be.

To Circ or Not To Circ

5 May

Before Mango was born, we did a lot of debating on whether or not to circumcise him. We tried to find as many research studies as possible. We talked to my obstetrician and Mango’s pediatrician. I actually asked a group of my friends for feedback, and I got about 20 responses from folks in both camps detailing the reasons behind their choice. Trust me when I say that we did not make this decision lightly.

We decided just before his birth that we would like to go through with it, for a number of reasons. As soon as they wheeled his little bassinet away to do it, I was having second thoughts. But I never said anything, because this is what we agreed to do. It went smoothly, healed up quickly, and looks perfect.

Just last week, PT & I were talking and I said, “You know, if we had it to do over again, I don’t think I would,” and to my surprise he agreed with me.

I know there’s nothing we can do about it now, but we both feel like maybe we did our son a disservice. Now we both think if we have more boys in the future that we wouldn’t do it again. Would it be weird for one to be circumcised and not the other? Will it make Mango feel weird about his body because we saw that choice as a possible mistake that we didn’t want to repeat? Will he grow up to be mad at us anyway, no matter what we do in the future, because we signed off on mutilating his genitals in the first place?

This is a tricky issue to navigate. I wonder if anyone ever knows if they made the “right” decision?

I Tried It: CJ’s BUTTer

4 May

I Tried It Product Review

The Product: CJ’s BUTTer

Cost: $6.75 – $19

How to Use It: Primary use is as a diaper cream, but can also be used on any part of the body for dry skin, eczema, hangnails, or dry hair.

My Experience: I did a lot of research to find a cloth diaper safe diaper cream, and this one came very highly recommended. I was really impressed by the all natural ingredient list. It’s such a simple concoction that it can be used on any part of the body for a number of skin issues and even in hair.

My first order was for a sampler pack so that I could try out a bunch of different scents before committing to one. I loved every scent and actually ended up reaching for the Unscented the least. The sampler was a great value (eight half-ounce tubs, mix and match scents) and it let me know that I definitely loved the consistency. We ended up really loving the scent called Monkey Farts for Mango, and in fact, it has become his “signature scent.” The consistency of it is very butter-like, and melts as you rub it in.

I ordered the giant tub of Monkey Farts, and when it arrived it was very soupy. I thought it was just because of the Austin heat, so I gave it a day. Still soupy. I stuck it in the freezer. At first it firmed up, but after an hour: soup. I posted a message on the CJ’s Sewing Room/CJ’s All Natural Facebook wall, and she promptly responded, instructing me to heat it in the microwave and then freeze it. Magic! It’s back to the butter consistency I know and love.

This, along with his cloth diapering, has kept Mango’s bottom in tip-top shape, and his butt buttering has become an essential part of his diaper routine.

Other products that I’ve tried and liked from this same company are lip balm (my favorite -and I use a lot of lip balms), and the Spritz o’ BUTTer, which is essentially the same as the regular BUTTer, but in a spray. I find that totally handy for the diaper bag so that I don’t have to worry about the cream melting in the hot Southern weather, and it works similarly.

Likes: Awesome scents, great consistency, simple and natural ingredient list, cloth diaper friendly, really works to fend off diaper rash, a little goes a long way, great customer service.

Dislikes: When ordering directly from the company, it takes a while to get your order, and I couldn’t find a retailer who carried the combination of products and scents I was looking for. Expensive for a diaper cream.

Overall: Try the sampler pack first to make sure this product is for you, but mostly so that you can try a bunch of scents! It’s definitely worth the money.

And There Are Good Days

3 May

I know I often write about the difficulties of new mommyhood – the bad days – but nestled in there amongst the sleepless nights, the inconsolable crying, and the crippling anxiety are the ones that remind me what it is I signed up for in the first place. Those are the good days, and today was one of those days.

This morning started as many do, with me struggling to open my eyes, Pop Tart getting ready for work while helping out with his son, and Mango full of smiles and fun. Somehow, we ended up with a morning person for a kid. After PT went to work, we did what I’m sure sound like regular things. He sat in his swing, staring up at its mirror and mobile while I grabbed breakfast. When I was finished, I picked him up and read him a book about numbers while he grabbed at the thick pages and smiled. I sang Pat-a-Cake more times than I can count, along with The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. It appeared that he was losing interest, and sure enough, as soon as I Woombie-d him up, he nodded off to sleep. During that blessedly long, 40-minute nap, I was able to take the monitor into the bathroom with me and shower. It’s the first time I attempted that maneuver, but it worked.

It continued like this all morning. In the afternoon we took a quick trip in the car to pick up our CSA basket, and he did not even cry once! Shortly after, PT came home from work, then Key and Juice, fresh from family vacation and a sales conference, came to visit. So did one of Mango’s other most favorite friends, Ty, bearing scones. As if that all weren’t treat enough, we all headed downtown to meet up with our awesome friend, Bama, and enjoyed some water ice on this hot Southern day.

After we got home, Mango grabbed a nap, and so did I. It was such an amazing nap that I woke up completely confused. Little boy was so tuckered out that we skipped bath time tonight and went straight into the nursing and rocking portions of our bedtime routine before he drifted off to sleep without even a peep of protest.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Duh, PJM, this is exactly what days with a baby should be like,” and you’re probably right. But that’s not what days with my baby usually are like. So when this type of day rolls around, I cherish it.

A shower, a nap, great friends, fresh produce, cold treats, and a happy baby, all with my love by my side – now that’s what I call a good day.

eBay Schmuck Update

28 Apr

Thank you to everyone who voted about what I should do about the schmuck who sold me bootlegged crap on eBay. I both contacted him for a refund and turned him in to eBay. Their policy is to NOT suspend a seller’s privileges unless they have violated their recordable media rules multiple times. If it takes more than one report, then all the more reason to turn these jerks in!

After receiving my email calling him out on sending me a bootlegged product, the seller asked me to send it back “for inspection,” and he will refund the purchase price and my return shipping. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing, after taking copious amounts of high-quality photographs of the item.

New Baby, New Tricks

27 Apr

Mango did something new today. While I had him on the changing table, he bent his legs up to his chest and grabbed his foot. He then promptly tried to shove it in his mouth. He is also able to giggle, stick out his tongue, roll from his tummy to his back, and he is about halfway to rolling the other way.

It seems like every week – if not every day – there is some new thing he can do. I’m really just taken aback by what a little sponge he is and how rapidly he grows. I’m not just talking about physical growth, although that is an incredible marker that my boy is changing daily. I mean mentally and emotionally. Just when I get used to him, he turns into a different baby.

I’m proud, most definitely, every time he does something new, and excited to see what’s next. But the other side of it is that I’m also profoundly sad. I can feel these moments slipping through my fingers, no matter how tightly I try to hold on. Pretty soon he’ll be crawling, then walking, then before I can blink, graduating. I just want to keep him little. I want him to think the most appealing, safe, loving place is in my arms – forever. Is that too much to ask?